FAQ: How to protect your VB program via License Shield SDK?

If you are an VB Developer and looking for a solution to protect your VB applicaton, you can try our License Shield SDK. With a few function call in VB, it helps you "add trial features" in your VB projects easily and quickly.


Private Declare Sub SetLicenseKey Lib "LicenseShield.dll" (ByVal RegCode As String)
Private Declare Sub SetAppKeys Lib "LicenseShield.dll" (ByVal sAppID As String, ByVal nKey1 As Long, ByVal nkey2 As Long, ByVal nKeyTotalNum As Long)
Private Declare Sub SetAppTrialMode Lib "LicenseShield.dll" (ByVal nTrialMode As Integer, ByVal nTrialValue As Integer)
Private Declare Sub SetAppRegWin Lib "LicenseShield.dll" (ByVal sAppTitle As String, ByVal sAppCopyright As String, ByVal sAppNotice As String, ByVal sAppBuyNow As String)
Private Declare Sub ShowAppRegWin Lib "LicenseShield.dll" ()
Private Declare Function GetAppRegStatus Lib "LicenseShield.dll" () As Integer
Private Declare Function GetAppExpStatus Lib "LicenseShield.dll" () As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()

  'Replace with your purchased License Key once you get one
  SetLicenseKey ("Your-License-Key")
  'Set the parameters of the algorithm. NOTE: KeyBuilder should also use this parameter.
  Call SetAppKeys("My VB Program", 47, 93, 1000)
  'Set the Pop-up Window (Register Window) displays information.
  Call SetAppRegWin("My VB Program v1.00", "Copyright (C) 2012, Your Company. All rights reserved.", "You are using a unregistered version of My First Program." + vbCrLf + "If you want to using full functions, you must purchase a license.", "http://www.adeptshare.com/purchase.html")
  'Set TrialMode of Applicaton
  Call SetAppTrialMode(1, 15)
  'Pop-up Register Window, Should be last line of your protection code
End Sub

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