FAQ: How to use License Shield SDK to add trial features in Delphi project?

If you are an Delphi Developer and looking for a solution to protect your Delphi applicaton, you can try our License Shield SDK. With a few function call in Delphi, it helps you "add trial features" in your Delphi projects easily and quickly.


procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  // Replace with your purchased License Key once you get one

  // Set the parameters of the algorithm. NOTE: KeyBuilder should also use this parameter.
  SetAppKeys('My First Program', 34, 35, 1000);

  // Set the Pop-up Window (Register Window) displays information.
  SetAppRegWin('My First Program v1.00',
    'Copyright (C) 2012, Your Company. All rights reserved.',
    'You are using a unregistered version of My First Program. ' +
    #13#10 + 'If you want to using full functions, you must purchase a license.',

  // Set TrialMode of Applicaton
  SetAppTrialMode(1, 10);

  // Pop-up Register Window, Should be last line of your protection code

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